Welcome to the GIPAC Internet Headquarters

GIPAC is the political action committee for gastroenterologists. Our mission is simple: The GIPAC will promote and protect the gastroenterology profession and the patients we serve through the legislative process. The GIPAC Board has affirmed GIPAC as an independent, non-connected, federal political committee, which is unaffiliated with any organization. Its principal goal is to improve the climate for the practice of the clinical gastroenterology through the education and financial support of election campaigns of candidates who, if elected, will have the opportunity to create, mold or otherwise influence legislation that may impact the practice of gastroenterology.

With the health care reform challenges in front of us and federal government setting crucial payment and reimbursement rates impacting our practices, we are in an almost daily battle for the future of our practices. Our strength and effectiveness as a PAC derives not just from the size of our war chest, but also from the breadth of support among our members.

Please join colleagues in the field by becoming a GIPAC member today. Join our membership by making a “reach” financial contribution of $1,000 or more. GIPAC members contributing at the Presidential level may elect to pay immediately or on a monthly basis. Your “reach” membership will enhance our political activity effectiveness, so we thank you in advance. Regardless of amount, we need you to join GIPAC as a supporting member. We invite you to return to gipac.org in the coming weeks and check under "New Info" for the most recent postings.